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BREAKING: Grilled Cheese-Only Restaurant Coming to Culver City

Ok, we're completely and utterly giddy with this news, and we can't thank Eater reader Ellen enough for spotting it today: Meltdown, a mostly grilled cheese restaurant/cafe, will open in downtown Culver City (hopefully) by next week. There are few things better in life than good bread and good cheese melted together. Sure you can make it at home. It's a standby. But if you didn't have to? To owner Ryan Afromsky, a young lad of only 26 years, it's simple: "I've never met a person who doesn't like grilled cheese." Seriously. Brilliant.

From what we gather, the menu---yes, it's online---consists of sweet and savory sandwiches, from a classic three cheese (with bacon, if you wish), to oven-roasted turkey with cranberry-horseradish-mustard on walnut bread, to breakfast sammies with lox and eggs. There are homemade pickles and fennel slaw. There's soup. So freakin' simple. Afromsky says if all goes well, there could be more Meltdowns on the horizon. We suspect if it works, it will be huge. The next Pinkberry perhaps? The restaurant is located on Culver Boulevard next to the Kirk Douglas Theatre.
· Meltdown [Official site]