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BREAKING: The Foundry Debuts May 1

MELROSE DISTRICT: We knew it was coming any day now, and we have confirmation: The Foundry on Melrose will open Tuesday, May 1. The proof is in the pudding: Eric Greenspan was spotted at nearby Village Idiot earlier this week talking about it. A band was spotted practicing in the space last week (we'll assume same band will be playing opening night). The website has progressed nicely since the placeholders we saw on Monday, and with menu available for perusing. Some official wordage:

The new 90 seat restaurant, located in the former Caffe Luna space between Vista and Gardner, has been renovated to utilize new world, industrial materials while reflecting an old world warmth and charm. This look will mirror the chef’s cutting edge and modern flair amongst the foundation of classic technique.
Involved is one of those who's-who-in-the-LA-scene dream teams. The space was deigned by Sandy Davidson, who did Meson G and Rocca. Live entertainment comes from Christopher Dowd, a founding member of Fishbone. Andrew Steiner plays the role of GM. Like Greenspan, Steiner hails from Patina where he worked up a mean cheese program. Another Patina alum, Chris Meeske, compiled the wine list. Start dialing now.
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