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EaterWire: Drunk Doughboys, Parc's Parking Discount, Getting Creamed on Dainties, New Menu at Dolce

HOLLYWOOD: We knew Doughboys opened the at the intersection of Highland and Lexington last week, but a reader sends specifics, and it includes booze: "They hope to have the same hours as the one on 3rd, 7am - Midnight (7 days a week), but they are testing the waters at the moment for the later hours. They plan to add beer and wine to the menu, which might prompt them to stay open even longer on the weekend." [EaterWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: We had a nice time at Parc last week, but hated the $12 valet. We got word from PR that it's already changed. Valet is now $8 at Parc, actually a bargain for that neighborhood. [EaterWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: Just because The Dolce Group opened Ketchup a few weeks ago, don't think they've given up on the original. A reader noticed that there's now permanent signage on the side of the Dolce building, and the Italian eatery's menu was revamped. We see more mainstream American-Italian dishes (chicken parm, penne arrabiatta, rigatoni with Bolognese, osso bucco), courtesy the group's executive chef, Christopher Tunnell, who oversees Dolce and Ketchup's kitchens. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST LA: This is kind of a weird one, but here goes: Dainties Cupcakes, a new cupcakery born out of the Flatbush & J catering company, launched a "Get Creamed" contest. From what we understand, the goal is to come up with a clever/funny/cute/inspired/dirty? thing to do with a cupcake and/or some other form of pastry and/or cream. So, buy a cupcake, do something with it, take a photo, submit photo, hope for prize. Interpret as you will. Here's the Flickr page, and the MySpace page for rules and "cupcake friends." We don't befriend our cupcakes. We eat them. [EaterWire Inbox]