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From jfer, Flickr

A sad day indeed: Trader Vic's at the Beverly Hilton Hotel officially closed today. From the tiki-riffic Humuhumu:

"I just got off the phone with the Beverly Hills Trader Vic’s. I spoke to a very flustered woman, who clearly didn’t know what she was supposed to say. When I asked if they were open, she said “no.” When I asked if they were closed forever, she became even more uncomfortable, and stammered out that they were closed “for renovations.” When I asked if it was still going to be Trader Vic’s, she hemmed and hawed and said something about the bar moving to the hotel, and that she didn’t know if it was still going to be Trader Vic’s. That sounds to me that after 50+ years, Trader Vic’s Beverly Hills is gone.
There was no answer when we called around 10am this morning, but after a second attempt just now, we're told that the bar is officially closed today, Monday, and if you want a mai tai or other Trader Vic specialty cocktails, you can find them at the Hilton, possibly in Circa 55, the newish poolside restaurant and lounge. This Trader Vic's opened in 1955 with the hotel; it's being torn down for a new Waldorf-Astoria. We actually feel pretty lucky to have slipped in on Thursday not knowing it would be the last time we got surly service and delicous mai tais. Should've taken the glass. Dammit.
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