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BREAKING: Trader Vic's Closed?

We hate to do this after such a whirlwind, jam-packed weekend of fun, but emails are flooding the inbox today with the most distressing of news: Trader Vic's is knocking on the Deathwatch door. What's widely known by now, that corner of Santa Monica and Wilshire boulevards has been shrouded in controversy since plans to build condos and a Waldorf-Astoria hotel were announced. When we last checked with the Hilton, we were told Trader Vic's closing wasn't imminent (yet), and "if" it happened, it wouldn't be for "quite awhile." We were just there on Thursday and it was packed. But alas, the restaurant Grim Reaper once again wields its ugly head.

Email #1: "Just heard from the staff at Trader Vic's that they may be closing as soon as tomorrow (Monday). The waitress said they are having a meeting tomorrow morning and should know for sure around 10am. If it doesn't close tomorrow, she said next Monday would be the latest."

Email #2: "Is it true that Trader Vic's at the Beverly Hilton is now closed as of today (4/30) and may not re-open? The staff is being cryptic and wouldn’t take any reservations after yesterday."

That's just a taste. Friends, mai tai lovers, we feel your pain, and we're on it. Calls have been placed. Check back for updates.

UPDATE II: Trader Vic's officially closed today. More here.
UPDATE III: The Hilton explains that Trader Vic's is being relocated inside the hotel. More here.
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