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Semi-Banned on Chowhound: Some Hiko Sushi Comments Stay, Some Disappear

LA Weekly

Hiko Sushi is a little gem in West LA that serves incredibly fresh, very enjoyable sushi from a chef who doesn't mess around. There are tons of rules to follow (no cellphones, no sharing, no sashimi, and you must eat the rice), the staff makes sure these rules are understood as soon as you walk in the door, and break just one, it's "no sushi for you." Yes, like the Soup Nazi, only with little mounds of warm sweet rice topped with the exquisitely cut pieces of toro, albacore, and mackerel. Yes, like Sushi Nozawa in the Valley. In today's Weekly, Jonathan Gold gives a thumbs up (we think it's a thumbs up) in a delicously succinct review. When it comes to Chowhound, however, reviews of Hiko disappear on a regular basis.

Over time, we've seen rave reviews followed by total scathing ones. Recently, we saw one pro-Hiko comment disappear numerous times in the same day. The poster seemed desperate to get the word out, but zip! off it went. No explanation of why...just because. "No posting for you." Today the Hounds are finally allowed to weigh in, and we assume it's because Gold publicly deemed it worthy. Yesterday we noticed a comment that explained why Chowhound keeps banning Hiko chatter. We'd divulge that secret here but, naturally, it disappeared. At least this newest discussion remains up...for now.
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