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EaterWire: Famima!! on the Wane??

We removed one dot...can you tell?

WESTWOOD: We got a few emails from Westside readers that the newish Famima on Westwood has been shuttered. We say newish because didn't all the Famimas just open? We remember visiting that store about a year ago, and it was open just a few months. But there it stands, closed, moved out, boarded up, gone. Sayonara seaweed-flavored snacks. Pox to you, pocky. The location is already removed from the website with no news of relocation---maybe the Village would've been a better choice, or does it have something to do with the Westside? Or was it just too much too soon? Passing fancy? We think it's a combo. But it's not stopping the onslaught: Long Beach is getting a second location "soon."
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