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EaterWire: Easter Chocolate Edition

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Can't wait to bite your head off, cute baby chick. From Madam Chocolat.

We're going to break protocol just for one day because one, this picture is too cute, and two, we're craving chocolate. So if you haven't filled the Easter baskets yet---those of you who do; if you're of any other persuasion, enjoy your desserts too---here are just a few spots you might want to try. When you have a baby chocolate chick like this, why got to Target for Cadbury eggs?

BEVERLY HILLS: The Easter Bunny will make an appearance at Madam Chocolat on Saturday and Sunday, April 7 and 8, from 10am-6pm. Plus chocolatier Hasty Khoei has filled the golden shop with chocolate bunnies, petit farm animals, and enormous baskets stuffed with treats. (212 N. Canon Dr., 310.247.9990)

BRENTWOOD: The young Jonathan Grahm does some wacky things with candies at Compartes like make "Comparteeps," his spin on homemade marshmallow treats flavored with lavender (pastel purple) or saffron (pastel orange). These certainly aren't the Peeps wrapped in plastic. Grahm also has chocolate bunnies, eggs, and entire chocolate baskets filled with chocolates. (912 S. Barrington Ave., 310.826.3380)

LA CANADA: The newish Chocolatebox Cafe in this foothill community has adorable handmade paper boxes in the shapes of bunnies and eggs, better for an adult that a kid looking for a basket filled to the brim. Some of the flavors are a little more grown up too, like dark Belgian chocolates spiked with Kalhua and other liqueurs. (714 Foothill Blvd., 818.790.7918)