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Yamashiro Not Going Anywhere...For Now

Via girlfactor's Flickr stream

As our sibling site reported today, the 10-acre property where Hollywood landmarks Yamashiro and the Magic Castle are located is up for sale. No, not Yamashiro!! It might not have the best food, but the history, the view, the killer cocktails. It's a landmark, we love it, we were terrified it will be turned into some horrible apartment building or worse. Ironic since that's what Tom O. Glover, who bought the property in 1948, wanted to do with that land. But for now, our anxiety has been soothed...sort of.

We just spoke with Carrie Farber, the marketing manager of Yamashiro and the Magic Castle, and she confirmed that the sale of the property would include both landmarks, in addition to the Hollywood Hills Hotel. But the owners are "looking for the right buyer who will repsect the fact that the properties have been in the same family for three generations." That means that if someone buys the 10 acres, they can develop some of the other land (a parking lot, for instance) but---what the current owners hope---they can't demolish or change the historical landmarks. The current CEO of the properties, Andy Ulloa, wants to stay on to manage things. Farber assured us that the restaurant will remain open, nothing has been sold (yet), and hopefully it will continue to operate the same way even after a sale. Ulloa, we believe, is the step-son of Tom Y. Glover who, according to the website, is the current owner.

We weren't the only ones intrigued: Another employee told us helicopters were buzzing overhead and reporters were traipsing through the restaurant all day.
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