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EaterWire Patios & Booze Edition: Blue Velvet, Cha Cha Cha, Il Moro, Tasca

We're spring cleaning out the ol' EaterWire Inbox today, and although it's a bit gloomy, it's still spring, the time to sit outside, drink, and laugh at the fools who live in cities where it blizzards on Easter. Got a tip for us? Slap it down here.

DOWNTOWN: Blue Velvet opens its poolside patio on April 16. The city skyline twinkles from across the 110, the Staples sign flickers in the distance, and the pool glows a cool blue, plus there's a fire pit and swanky furniture for comfort, and intriguing lounge and cocktail menus. A sleeper hit, perhaps? (750 Garland Ave., 213.239.0061) [EaterWire Inbox]

SILVER LAKE: After 20 years in business, the original Cha Cha Cha tore down a wall and made a garden patio this year. Same Caribbean décor, same jerk chicken, same sangria. (656 N. Virgil Ave., 323.664.7723) [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST LA: Now on to the booze. After 14 years, Il Moro Ristorante got a new liquor license, which led them to install a new cruvinet system and wine bar in the front of the restaurant. Tuesday night wine tastings cover a different area of Italy each week, daily happy hours bring in a big crowd, live music on weekend nights. (11400 Olympic Blvd., 310.575.3530)

MID-CITY/BEVERLY CENTER: Once one of the best BYOs in town, Tasca finally got its license to serve alcohol, we're told about a month ago. The $5 corkage has been raised to $15 now that you can buy from their list, but that's still a bargain. (8108 W. Third St., 323.951.9890) [EaterWire Inbox]