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EaterWire: BottleRock Changes, Zu Robata Opening, Larkin's Update, Antigua Bread Delayed and MORE

CULVER CITY: Changes are afoot for BottleRock. One of the co-owners, Adam Fleischman---who did all the interviews, worked the room, talked the place up---is out. We're not exactly sure who the other owners are, and what, if anything, will ultimately change at BottleRock. Because there might be some litigation involved, we don't have all the details. But Fleischman doesn't sound too negative. "I am opening a high-end wine bar and several other fun projects. Stay tuned." [EaterWire]

WEST LA: A tipster sends word about Zu Robata, which we know is moving into the former Casa Antigua spot on Wilshire Boulevard. She heard the Japanese resto was opening by May 10, but that might be a bit ambitious. A call just revealed that "we're going through final inspections now, so we'll see." Hopefully within two weeks. [EaterWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Another reader sends word about a restaurant going into the Sky Lofts (801 S. Grand Ave.) called Tranquility Base. The liquor license is pending, but that's about all we know. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? [EaterWire Inbox]

EAGLE ROCK: Got a note from the team at Larkin's, the "contemporary soul food joint" that just. won't. open. "We are in the midst of our final city inspections which have proved to be more time consuming and difficult than we thought. We are working towards our opening, but still find ourselves jumping through the necessary hoops to make it happen. We have been unable for the last two weeks to host any private parties or open the doors for that matter." Better hurry up: we want to try that mac and cheese. [EaterWire Inbox]

HIGHLAND PARK: The owners of Antigua Bread, a highly anticipated spot in the neighborhood, if only to get decent bread, emailed to say they didn't open in April, as previously reported. "Due to project expansion, we expect to be open by mid/late July o7'. We will keep you posted as of the exact opening date." [EaterWire Inbox]