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Eater on Location: The Entourage Mystique

Everyone knows that LA is the true star of HBO's Entourage. Sure the actors are cute, the writing is fun, Jeremy Piven nails every scene. But what would the show be without the backdrop of every industry haunt, from the Coffee Bean to Rodeo Drive to Hyde? We watch and try to guess where the boys eat and drink, especially if there's no signage. It's our own little version of Name That Venue. But what to make of the places that show signage vs. those that don't?

Where does Vince tell his new agent that she's "cute?" Jar. It's the mushroom-cap light fixtures. But you don't see one mention of the restaurant's name throughout the entire scene.

Where does Eric, Vince and Amanda meet to discuss the "cute" conversation? Come on... easy. Spago. The patio. That particular table is one of the hardest to get. Again, no signage, not even on the menu.

And here we have a restaurant name splashed across the scene. Le Petit Four at Sunset Plaza. Naturally the boys would eat here. But it's one of the few that the actually gets the name on the screen.

Why is that? Do restaurants like Spago and Jar keep the names off (1) in an effort to keep rabid Entourage fans from seeking them out or (2) feel they just don't need to? And why does something like Le Petit Four do it? If you know, tell us.