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Eater StarWatch: John C. Reilly at Bulgarini, Marisa Tomei at Stone Fire Pizza and MORE

Here we have a short and sweet StarWatch, uncovering celebrities for the eaters they really are. See a famous person stuffing their face? Let's hear it.

BULGARINI GELATO: On a most random day in the most random Altadena strip mall, we passed John C. Reilly and two youngsters walking into this gelateria as we left (with three flavors of gelato for the home freezer, thank you very much). [StarWatch]

BEECHWOOD: Before "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition"'s Ty Pennington was busted for a DUI last week, we saw him on the patio at this Venice hot spot. We didn't see if or what he was drinking, but he was there just as long as we were. [StarWatch]

URTH CAFFE: A Starwatcher writes in that the "Entourage" entourage was filming on Beverly Blvd: "May 1: The guys (sans Ari) were there bright & early on Tuesday causing hellacious traffic for us SoBev office folk. Each of them are all so small framed, but Adrian's smile is bigger than life." [StarWatch Inbox]

STONE FIRE PIZZA: Celebs are into the pizza. Marisa Tomei was seen sharing a margherita pizza at this newish La Cienega restaurant. [Planet Gossip]

MOZZA: Media mogul Sumner Redstone was dining with "another rich old man/used-to-be-attractive-trophy-wife couple" at the Silverton/Batali pizzeria. [Defamer]

REAL FOOD DAILY: Doing brunch on May 6, Jason Schwartzman and a girl who looked like a "Breakfast Club-era Molly Ringwald." The duo shared their meals, he talked on a cell even though there's a no-cellphone rule. The American Pie star was also spotted at a Pinkberry on Melrose. [Defamer]