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Frozen Yogurt Wars Part VII: Pinkberry Nogurt, Blue Mango Builds

(1) The rumors have always been there: Is Pinkberry made from a powder? Is it technically frozen yogurt if it's not made from real yogurt? An article in the Times suggests that it's not, and that must really be pissing off Pinkberry president Young Lee who says it's "absolutely 100% frozen yogurt." To those who say otherwise, they're just out to get him and take down his very lucrative business. Dan Kim, president of competitor Red Mango, told Eater that his company's dessert is 100% real frozen yogurt, and we've never heard from Pinkberry rip-offs wannabes Kiwiberry, Snowberry, and all the other fruit-berry-combo-named shops that proliferate the SoCal frozen yogurt landscape. According to the CA Department of Food and Agriculture, anything called "frozen yogurt" must reach certain standards, listed here:

Frozen yogurt mix must be obtained from a licensed manufacturer of milk products

Frozen yogurt mix shall be obtained in pre-flavored form unless fruits or flavoring are added by the operator directly from factory-filled containers.

Frozen yogurt mix must not be reconstituted or have anything added other than fruits and flavorings.

Frozen yogurt mix must be manufactured into a semi-frozen state without adulteration.

Frozen yogurt must not be salvaged from a freezing device and reused as a mix.

Because Pinkberry has kept the recipe a secret, no one really knows if the company is following these rules, until now: Someone's suing Pinkberry to disclose the treat's ingredients.

(2) Speaking of Red Mango---which doesn't come right out and accuse Pinkberry of stealing their idea, but it's sorta kinda obvious when seen side by side---according to Curbed, there's something called Blue Mango opening in the former Paul Frank store at 3rd Street and Crescent Heights. Are these people kidding? Is there no creativity left?
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