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Pinkberry Leaving a Sour Taste in Everyone's Mouth

It's the ripple heard 'round the swirl: Everyone's weighing in on the news that we really don't know what's in Pinkberry, and that someone is suing the company for that very reason. From the EaterWire Inbox:

(1) The secret: "My Boyfriend Worked for Pinkberry at the original West Hollywood Store before they became Super popular. I can tell you I have seen how it is made. They mix regular plain yogurt with a "secret white powder" to first make the batch. Then to Make the Green Tea Flavor they add a green tea flavoring powder." Guess what's in the powder. [EaterWire Inbox]

(2) Powder shmowder. What's really in that bowl? "I'm not sure if it holds true now, but back in the early days when Pinkberry had just opened in West Hollywood and still served in ceramic dishes with stainless steel spoons, I was a frequent visitor and the employees--I think there were two--knew me on a first name basis. One evening at Pavilions, I busted the guy with a grocery cart filled with tubs of Lucerne fat free yogurt. True story, as god is my waitress." [EaterWire Inbox]

(3) Some are suing Pinkberry for aesthetic reasons: "Pinkberry just opened in Venice (on Abbot Kinney), causing lots of consternation among residents about the commercialization of the neighborhood, and a lawsuit because they defaced the front of the building with their over-the-top design." [EaterWire Inbox]

(4) Whatever it is, people still line up for the stuff: "Just a few minutes before 11pm last night, at the end of the huge line winding out of Pinkberry in Studio City, I saw the eerily tattooed face of none other than Mike Tyson. Somehow, I didn't think Mike Tyson and fruit with frozen yogurt were fans of each other, but I stand corrected. Is a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear available as a topping?" [StarWatch Inbox]

(5) And nothing will stop the onslaught: "Pinkberry will be opening on the ground floor at The Broadway, right next to Katsuya." [The Hollywood 411]

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