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Mozza: More From Bruni, A-Listers Flock

Only a food blogger could get away with saying this, and we'll actually believe them. From Mikey Hates Everything:

Honest to god, I was just trying to take a picture of the fennel sausage pizza covered with panna and sweet red onion. But well, my camera slipped and whaddyaknow, two actors slipped into the picture.
Those "two actors" in the background look like Owen Wilson (right; who can mistake that nose, even from a quarter angle)?, and if you look really close, the blurry blond looks a lot like Kate Hudson. There are two other things at work here: (1) Mozza, as celeb frequented as it is, still doesn't ban cellphones or cameras because bloggers' pictures have done that place some serious justice, and (2) the celebs can't be pissed because, really, the pizza is the star. Seriously, just look at that picture. It's all about the 'za.

In other pizzeria-related news, New York Times critic Frank Bruni just can't. stop. talking. Mozza. His initial critique came out on Wednesday, and he blogged twice since it published. It's probably no coincidence that Owen and Kate sat in the middle of Mozza the day the NYT raves about it.
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