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EaterWire: Old Spaghetti Factory Closing, Govind Signs Books Tonight, Edison Menu Starts, and MORE

A little snap from an 'assignment' in Paso Robles. Lots of tasty wines and stained teeth, a nice night at the Hotel Cheval, good food. Sigh...back to reality. Let's clean out the overflowing inbox, shall we? You know we're always listening.

HOLLYWOOD: Some lament the loss of Mortons, others of the Old Spaghtetti Factory on Sunset. A reader writes in to our cousin Curbed: "The missus and I went to the OSF last night for dinner and were saddened to learn that the restaurant will in fact be permanently closing. They have a sign near the entrance telling guests that the last day will be June 19th and to please visit other SoCal OSF locations." Everything will be auctioned off on June 29 at 10am. [Curbed]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Oh, it's all going to hell in a handbasket now that Paris is going to jail. A tipster sends word: "KOI just received a B rating from the Health Dept." More sake, please! [EaterWire Inbox]

MELROSE/WEHO: With a restaurant in Miami, a few more here, and a book tour, catching chef Govind Armstrong isn't easy these days. If you want to meet him and get his autograph, he'll be at Table 8 tonight, Sharpie at the ready. If you want him to sign something that's not flesh colored, we're told he'll have piles of his new book Small Bites, Big Nights available. [EaterWire Inbox]

SILVER LAKE: An eastside blogger gave us a heads up that LA Mill Coffee is taking up digs on Silver Lake Blvd.: "I thought we were winning the coffee lottery with Intelligentsia opening up in the Junction, but this is just crazy." [EaterWire Inbox; Silver Lake Boulevard]

DOWNTOWN: We just got word that Edison, that super-fly subterranean lounge where you can't wear sneakers, has started serving food. The menu lists things like Angel Eggs (deviled eggs topped with caviar), crab cakes, fried calamari, salads and sandwiches. [EaterWire Inbox]