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Pinkberry Feels the Heat, "Investigates" Claims

This here is the disclaimer Pinkberry put up on its website after public demand---and a lawsuit---to find out what's actually in the frozen treat surfaced last week. Noted Crackberry addict/blogger Colleen Cuisine thinks the time is ripe for Pinkberry to remarket itself:

At my day job, we have a motto: if you can't fix it, feature it. And in L.A., as you've probably discovered, people love "faux." Faux fur, faux tan, faux boobs, faux relationships, faux dessert. Frozen Faux-gurt. Seriously. Real frozen yogurt has got to be damaging to the environment or cruel to animals or something. Give people a reason to go faux, and they'll be your faux friend forever.
Call us jaded, but we're a bit weary of companies that need to "investigate" their own product. Pinkberry might consider heeding Colleen's advice.
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