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EaterWire: Maple Drive Becoming Paper Fish, Hugo's Shuttered AGAIN, Kaiten Sushi Gone and MORE

BEVERLY HILLS: When we talked to Patina patriarch Joachim Splichal a few months ago, he dished a bit on his group buying the empty Maple Drive restaurant and turning it into a casual "contemporary, hip" seafood restaurant. Now a reader sends word: "Joachim Splichal said Paper Fish will open in Oct. and have a great lounge/ bar area. They want to attract a younger crowd and thought Maple Drive had become too staid." That's the old Maple Drive pictured, which opened in 1989. So yes, it wasn't the trendiest place in town when it closed. Did you know the late great Dudley Moore was an original investor? We didn't. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Last week, Hugo's was shuttered by the DOH. Then we heard it reopened for lunch right before the weekend. But today we get this: "After reopening last Friday, Hugo's has been closed down again by the Health Department. Apparently the inspectors showed up around lunchtime and informed everyone that the restaurant was being shut down for a month.... Someone from the restaurant was sitting out front talking to patrons and distracting from the posted signs." [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: You gotta love the neighbors: "All I know is that I live around the corner from Hamburger Heaven (the corner where Fatburger meets Astroburger -- at Santa Monica and Vista St.) and something is FINALLY opening in space where the old gay hustler's bar, HUNTER'S, used to be. I noticed the sign today for the first time, and it's either TONTO or TONTOS or TONTA or TONTAS? And it's Spanish tapas. Now all the sluts and assholes who frequent Bar Lubitsch and Winston's will have somewhere to whet their appetites for small plated meals!" A little harsh; we're neither and actually like those places on the right night. But we know nothing more on this. Anyone else?[EaterWire Inbox]

SANTA MONICA: On-the-street intel, via Blackberry: "I think Kaiten Sushi just went belly up on the Promenade." Sure enough, we just called the listed number and it's disconnected. [EaterWire Inbox]