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Food Costs Go Up in Southland, So Do Resto Prices

Zankou, Eileen216, Flickr

There's little wonder that with rising food costs at every level, we're paying more for food at restaurants. And if there's one thing that really sets us off, it's rising prices, even when it's totally cheap to begin with. Naturally, the Hounds are on it: Either new prices are pissing them off, or it's a constant hunt for the best bargains.

(1) How dare Zankou charge a whopping $6 and some change for a meal. [Chowhound]

(2) Thai Boom in Culver City raises the price of soup a buck-fifty. With all those new restaurants in the neighborhood, makes sense. [Chowhound]

(3) This is the best time for Providence to offer of the "worst table" deal (request it ahead of time, get 10% off meal). Now, if they made every table the "worst," the restaurant would always be full. [Chowhound]

(4) There are a surprising number of places where one can dine for under $10 around downtown. [Chowhound]

(5) Even more surprising the number of under $5ish spots in Pasadena. [Chowhound]
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