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Eater VegasWatch: David Myers in the House

Ok, ok. We know we were supposed to have updates throughout the day about our Bon Appetit weekend/culinary adventure in Las Vegas, but the day just got away from us. Here's a little taste before the weekend: We were surprised to see Sona chef and co-owner David Myers at the Cocktail Smackdown at the Wynn, but there he was filming a show for the Fine Living Network (Shopping With Chefs airs in November). We don't know the correlation between the show and the Bon Appetit weekend, but when we saw him in front of the camera, the chef we thought was shy became a charming TV host. He worked it. He told us his upcoming bistro Comme Ca will open on Melrose (across from Lucques and Ago) in late summer, that they're deep in construction as we speak. We asked if he would ever consider opening something in Vegas, and neither affirming or denying, he said, "who knows?"

On Monday, look for some juicy stuff from the panel discussion with Bon Appetit editor in chief Barbara Fairchild, GQ and Bon App contributor Alan Richman, and Vegas restaurant critics Max Jacobson and John Curtas. Blogging vs. traditional media, Wolfgang Puck, fellow critics Michael Bauer and John Mariani, and Batali bringing lamb's brains to the Strip were just a few hot topics. We'll have stories from our dinner at Batali's B&B Ristorante, schmoozing with LV's top chefs around Caesars' pool, partying at David Burke (who we say stroll through the Wynn earlier today), and much much more. Stay tuned.