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Fred 62 Not DOH'd, Becoming 'Eco-Friendly'; UPDATE: Reopens This Morning

LOS FELIZ: The other night a passerby noticed the 24-hour diner Fred 62 closed at around 11pm. When we were told the restaurant was closed for a few days for 'maintenance,' we made reference to the fact that any restaurant owner who says their establishment is 'closed for maintenance,' has, of late anyway, been shuttered by the Department of Health. We're happy to report, via several readers emails, that Fred 62 is really closed for maintenance. One message reads:

Walked by there last night and the entire kitchen is out on the sidewalk. Sign on the door says that they are replacing the plumbing to become more ‘eco-friendly’ or responsible. Supposed to reopen by the weekend.
Someone else writes in that a pipe "exploded under the restaurant." Calls were placed; all confirmed. For the sake of all the hipsters, Fred 62 hopefully reopen for lunch by Saturday. reopened for breakfast today at 8am.
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