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May is National Burger Month!

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Apple Pan, formwerk, Flickr

In celebration of National Burger Month, we offer a few things to get you in the mood. We haven't heard of any burger specials yet, but if you know of something, let's hear it. May your days be thick, juicy, and oozing just enough grease and lots of cheese.

(1) Use the handy dandy LA Burger Hunt Map from someone who has way too much time on his hands. [via Chowhound]

(2) Watch Charles Collins, a 50-year veteran employee of the Apple Pan. [Eater LA]

(3) Be careful ordering a burger at "Beberly nigheeen oh to on oh" (that's Burger 90210 to you and me). It's not so easy. [Yelp]

(4) Find a seat at Father's Office, Lucky Baldwin's, or 25 Degrees for what we think are some of the best in town. But you know, In-N-Out will always do.