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One Sunset Opens This Month

You're just dying to know more about the latest NY import, One Sunset, aren't you? We've been tracking little details, but finally have official blurbage from the new website:

Upon entering ONE Sunset, guests will encounter the Champagne Bar, a casual and chic space with a seductive silk tent suggesting the essence of a Moroccan oasis. A communal table enhances the ease of meeting others at ONE Sunset, whose concept and menu were designed with socialization in mind. The Centre Lounge features a twenty-foot bar illuminated in warm amber tones and flanked by lush banquettes and sleek cocktail tables. In the Dining Room, guests will dine on polished dark wood tables paired with banquettes that encourage a social atmosphere. A spectacular shimmering wall of candles adorn the Upper and Lower Candle Lounges, designed with removable banquet seating to host a variety of seated dinners and events.
If you ask us, wood tables and banquettes are not an appetizing dinner (reread the sentence), but it all sounds very loungey and...not at all ground-breaking. Although the designers hail from New York, LA-based Jeffrey Sebelia, Project Runway: Season 3 winner, designed the server's uniforms, which is kinda cool. Chef Chris Ennis' menu will be available until 1am; preview it online. Exact opening date is still under wraps---the blast we received says May, which could be for private events only. A call to the restaurant reveals "early June" for the general public.
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