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Vegas Culinary Adventure: Chocolate, Cocktails, Grilling

We admit: We like Vegas. In doses. The food, the chefs, the energy. Bon Appetit condensed a lot of it into a four-day affair, which we took advantage of on Friday and Saturday. Here's just a taste.

Bellagio's executive pastry chef Jean-Phillippe Maury made three bite-size desserts, and this crazy Vegas chocolate plate, in the hotel's exhibition kitchen. It was kind of like the Food Network come to life. No accident we all had to walk by his patisserie on the way out.

At the 'cocktail smackdown' at the Wynn, Sona chef David Myers filmed a show for the Fine Living Network. Eight cocktails were served, we tasted a couple pretty and potent concoctions. Then we missed our next event...

The Grand Tasting around the pool at Caesars. High winds made it hard to balance food, wine, camera, and hair. But there were some great eats from 40 restaurants, and the chefs were there including Bradley Ogden, Hubert Keller, and a few local off-Strip eateries like the Thai hole-in-the-wall Lotus of Siam, and newcomer Vintner's Grill. We gushed to Rick Moonen about the great meal we had at RM Seafood last time we were in town. We spied Guy Savoy schmoozing with some ladies. We gorged. Then we missed our next event...

Lunch at SW Steakhouse because we've never been. Chef David Walzog and his sous grilled everything on the patio, next to the lake. Enjoyable. We'll be back for dinner.

Vegas is strange...and fabulous. The lake at the Wynn.
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Thanks to Alexa and everyone at Bon Appetit for the help, Amy at the Wynn for the tours and introductions, and Sandy at MGM-Mirage.