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CORRECTION: Romanov DID Serve Their Own Food

With user-fed comments, we can't always be sure what the people are saying is true. We try to verify facts as much as possible, but sometimes there's too much gossip, too little time. Yesterday we posted that a reader wasn't sure they were eating Romanov's food at the restaurant's opening party on Friday. It sounded suspect to us, and we mentioned that it wasn't confirmed. We knew we'd hear if it was false. Sure enough, this just in from the Murphy O'Brien PR offices:

Romanov made their own food. There was no outside party involved and they served exactly what they had planned to serve. The party was also not just Russian blondes. It was filled with industry executives and Studio City residents and professionals in all businesses.
Damn. The image of Russian blondes and mayor Villaragosa was the clincher for us. We apologize for not checking our intel sooner.
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