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Eater Headhunter: Got Game and a Headshot? D*lush is Hiring

For all those girls who don't get a second call back, who need to pay off that boob/nose/lipo, who's sure her big break will be any day now, enter D*lush, a "deluxe beverage joint" in need of "players" for the upcoming Hollywood and Highland location:

What is D*lush? Think MTV in a glass.

• Ambassadors: Hustlers. Flirtatious, charming, friendly players that are on the front line sharing D*love and driving traffic

• Drivers: The Commander. Smart, confident and ambitious with court vision and play calling capabilities. The Driver is the take-charge player position that sets the pace of the game, runs the offense and drives performance targets.

• Bartenders: Flash and style. Coyote ugly on adrenaline. Bartenders are the certified mix masters (alcohol free) that manufacture D*love.

Notice the blatant sexism: Flirtatious and Coyote Ugly-hot, you're standing out front doling out samples. You understand sports analogies like "court vision," you're a manager. Although the website is strewn with pictures of these girls feeding each other some mochi-like treat with chopsticks, we think the D*lush servers wear black tees and pants/shorts, but who knows for sure (when you're forced to serve drinks from the Naughty, Nice, or Lip Lockin' Love menus, does it really matter?). Submit resume with a head shot and a few sentences on why you "got game."
· Join the D* Team today [Craigslist]