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My Burger Cost $1,523.65: Waitress Arrested for Stealing Credit Card Numbers

WEST LA: According to the LAT, a waitress who worked at the Hamburger Hamlet on Sepulveda was arrested for stealing credit card numbers, which resulted in more than $16,000 in unauthorized charges for the unsuspecting customers. The server collected the numbers using a hand-held device, but sold them for $10 a pop to someone else who, naturally, is still at large. Good thing the managers caught on to her "suspicious" behavior before it got out of hand:

A telltale clue that helped the restaurant and investigators zero in on the waitress: She would make quick visits to the restroom after picking up customers' charge cards, apparently to swipe them through a palm-sized device that recorded the confidential numbers.

"One of our team members was behaving a little suspiciously, I'd guess you'd say," said Greg Hernandez, an executive vice president for the eight-restaurant Hamlet Restaurant Group.

Crime doesn't pay kids. While this story is upsetting on so many levels (do we really need to carry cash now?), there's one small detail in the article that raised our eyebrows: All the Hamburger Hamlets are now called Hamlet Restaurant and Bar? Every time we call a location, an employee answers "Hamburger Hamlet." Hmm.
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