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Frozen Yogurt Wars Part VIII: Red Mango Readies for Battle Staffs Up

So a couple weeks ago, some "random" guy sues Pinkberry, makes national news, and leaves everyone wondering what really goes into those swirls. Is it coincidence that this all went down mere weeks before the first U.S. Red Mango store opens? Mayhaps. Pinkberry spawned a universe of knockoffs in LA, but Red Mango touts itself as the ultimate originator, the first company to serve slightly sour frozen dessert treats in a brightly colored pop-culture store. Now it's finally opening in Westwood and looking for recruits. War is definitely nigh.

From Craigslist:

Red Mango did it first, and nobody does it better.

Red Mango ignited the healthy-conscious frozen yogurt trend that’s sweeping the nation, combining the world’s most indulgently flavorful nonfat frozen yogurt (made with pure and natural ingredients, and loaded with live and active cultures) with the finest, healthiest and freshest toppings.

The result is a delicious, one-of-a-kind sensation that enhances wellness, served in a comfortable and stylish environment. Red Mango provides the perfect escape for today’s active, health-conscious consumer. So much more than a dessert, Red Mango is a modern, delightfully sweet and tangy confection that’s good for you!

We are now hiring Entry level team members and Shift supervisors for our FIRST North American store located in Westwood Village.We are also hiring for our second and third stores located at Westwood & Pico and in Culver City.

The verbage is a little over the top, we'll chalk that up to pre-war hubris. Dan Kim, president of Red Mango USA, told us the first store will open in Westwood Village by the end of June, plus a store will open across from the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas. And then, Kim says, "Westwood/Pico, Culver City, San Diego, and Washington State should follow in July." Oh, it is so on.
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