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Bastide May or May Not Open in July

We don't know Joe Pytka, but we've heard the stories. He's a man who knows what he wants (which often changes), he's a bit of an eccentric (in a mad-scientist creative way), and as Miss Irene puts it in today's non-article on Bastide's reopening, he has "deep pockets." Add that up, and you get someone who will open his restaurant when he damn pleases, thank you very much. In January we deduced that Pytka hired Walter Manzke to lead the new Bastide kitchen; by March it was confirmed. There's little new news in the Times piece, but there will be an expanded wine list, a bakery, and a "witty, subtle new look." And the opening date? July. Maybe.

In more summer blockbuster/restaurant opening news (and little you haven't already read here), we have some estimates for Comme Ca, Church and State, and more. Plus deets for Goa, Ritual, and other resto/lounge/nightlife spots.
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