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Vacation's All We Ever Wanted...

It screams summer...from neb-boy, Flickr

We have a habit of extending Memorial Day weekend into at least a week of downtime, so we're hitting the road for some r&r. Next week guest blogger Alissa Walker takes the reins while we go hide somewhere far and remote. There's just not enough room in the car or we'd take you along. Alissa keeps tabs on the design scene for MediaBistro's Unbeige blog, but she's also completely food obsessed. Her personal website is named Gelatobaby for cryin' out loud. Here are just a few reasons we liked her from the start:

"I have been to Mozza eight times.

I know my Pinkberrys from my Red Mangos from my Cantaloops--and I think Cantaloop might even be the real stuff.

I was sipping Cabs at Rustic Canyon before Miss Irene ever was.

I'm furious about the low IQ of the Village Idiot.

I'm a plywood-watcher."

Ah, the clincher. See, Alissa's an Eater, so let's welcome her with open arms. Just because the Big Eater's away, doesn't mean the tip lines can't play. Give her some lovin', won't you?