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EaterWire Holiday Weekend Edition: Simon LA Sundays, Lucky Devil's Mimosa Madness, Standard Pool Tea Party

It's the weekend, and a nice long holiday one at that, so it's time to relax, or at least plan to relax. And is there anything better than getting sloshed on a Sunday when you don't have to work on Monday? No, not really.

BEV CTRish: There's a new brunch at Simon LA at the Sofitel on Sundays, rock n' roll style, natch. DJ Kelly Cole spins old-school rock (if you consider the 90s 'old school'), there's a Bloody Mary bar (salami and parmesan for garnish?), and weekly changing specials like cheese steak sliders, PB&J French toast, and the Iron Chef burger. It's still kind of under the radar, so while everyone's lining up at Toast, you could be sitting on a couch on the patio drinking last night away. Starts at 11am, ends at 4pm. [EaterWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: Words spreading about the new brunch at burger palace Lucky Devil's. One very excited reader couldn't contain herself about the all-you-can-drink mimosa special. "SO GOOD!!! And we had our choice of Mango, Orange, or Cranberry juice." So there you go. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: 'Tis the season for pool parties. The Standard on the Sunset Strip started an afternoon tea party, which is basically sandwiches, salads, DJs, and actual tea. Of course, if you want that tea spiked with rum, they can accommodate. Takes place every Sunday from 4pm-7pm. [EaterWire Inbox]