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Deathwatch Pasadena Continues: 'Gourmet Cuisine Restaurant' for Sale in Old Town

Dun, dun, dun...another one bites the dust. Restaurants, per usual, are dropping like flies in the 'Dena. If you don't serve cheesecake or crummy sushi, you have no business here folks. From BizBen:

Charming Gourmet Restaurant Opportunity Located In Old Town Pasadena. A 22-Block Historic Area Known Worldwide As The Trendy Getaway For Shoppers And Diners Visiting Southern California.

Bring Your Creative Entrées To The Turn-Of-The Century Buildings And Warehouses That Have Been Renovated To Offer More Than 200 Dazzling Retail Stores, Art Galleries, Boutiques, Antique Shops, Elegant Restaurants, Bistros And More.

This is rather vague--and a little misleading...worldwide?---and we don't know if its on the main Colorado Boulevard drag or something tucked on one of the side streets, but with 3,187 square feet and only a beer/wine license, it's safe to cancel out any of the biggies. Maybe Thaitalia is finally throwing in the pad Thai spaghetti-soaked towel, or Red, White & Bluezz couldn't catch a groove. Perhaps a restaurant that sells edible food will have some luck. Place your bets at Window #3, please.
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