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That Damn Pinkberry Song, and Another One Opens in Beverly Hills

The Pinkberry song is just a little too catchy. Go on the website, the swirls start turning, the song gets stuck in our head, we walk around humming it all day, next thing you know, suddenly, we're waiting in line for some 'frozen dessert' that we don't even really like. Who sings it? The Pinkberry fairies? Wishful. According to the Idolator, it's someone named Lady Tigra. We still think the song sounds so much better with otters.

On Pinkberry Onslaught news, a note comes from reader Kimi today: "The Pinkberry on South Beverly Drive in Beverly Hills has been under construction for months.... Finally yesterday the doors were open and I peaked in. I asked the guy when it was opening. He said hopefully next week." How many does that make now, 5,426? Oh, only about 20. But the onslaught continues...
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