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Eater StarWatch Special Report: Les Deux Served Lindsay...Dinner?

If your Memorial Day Weekend was as memorable as Lindsay Lohan's, that must be one heck of a grill you've got out back. Let's see...early Saturday she left Les Deux for a party at the house of Koi's Nick Hawk, took her Mercedes for a quick spin on the sidewalk, checked herself into the Century City Doctors Hospital for minor chest injuries, was cited for a DUI, and left a teensy tiny bit of cocaine behind for the cops, just to keep things interesting. Later that night, she was back in action at Teddy's, and today, she's re-checked into rehab. But seeing as Lohan's 21st birthday party is scheduled for July 2, her little adventure has reignited a conversation about underage celebrity drinking that we haven't seen much since the collapse of the Amanda Scheer Demme regime at the Roosevelt. People questioned the Dolce Group's Lonnie Moore about whether or not bartenders could have potentially poured gallons of vodka down Lohan's 20-year-old throat.

Lonnie Moore, co-owner of Les Deux told PEOPLE in a comment Saturday: "A lot of celebrities come [to the restaurant] for dinner or drinks. Because it is a restaurant, open five nights a week, there is no age limit for our patrons. We welcome Lindsay and her friends whenever they would like to come to Les Deux."

We'd never particularly thought of Les Deux as a place for eating, even though we had heard something once about decadent cupcakes, which do not a restaurant make. So we downloaded the Les Deux menu, a four-page document consisting of three pages of wine, hard alcohol and specialty cocktails, and one page consisting exclusively of two salads and nine liquor-absorbing pastas--just enough to keep the fuzz from enforcing a 21-and-up policy. You know, a real family dining establishment.
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