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Eater StarWatch: Ray Romano at Mozza and Nozawa, Paris at Dan Tana's, John Mayer With Jessica Simpson, Kinda

In our beloved Eater LA editor's haste to put as much distance as possible between her fingers and her keyboard last week, we've been asked to put the final touches on a sleepy pre-Memorial Day Weekend StarWatch.

SUSHI NOZAWA & MOZZA:Professional powerluncher Ray Romano dined with friends at the Valley sushi spot on Monday, then later in the week he visited Mozza with Everybody Loves Raymond producer Phil Rosenthal, who our tipster says is also a Mozza investor. [Defamer] [EaterWire Inbox]

DAN TANA'S: Paris Hilton finally found a free night to celebrate being sentenced to jail, hitting the WeHo restaurant for a quiet meal with her parents. No doubt all in attendance were toasting her recent accomplishments with effusive, eloquent praise. [X17]

MEXICALI: John Mayer at the Studio City cantina last Tuesday, not with Jessica Simpson but possibly sipping the "Jessica Simpson" margarita Mexicali serves, although with what we're hearing these days he'd probably have that cocktail on the rocks. [Defamer]

SHU: After tanning at the same Bel-Air strip mall that day, Britney Spears returned for sushi still wearing her swimsuit underneath a white dress, which she could easily rip off for a post-meal fake'n'bake sesh. [X17]

PARC: On a particularly quiet night at the Hollywood star vortex, an entrance from Lance Bass--with a disappointing two paparazzi in pursuit--provided the sole glimmer of excitement. [Defamer]

TOKYO TABLE: Jason Lee held court at the La Cienega restaurant last weekend with a large group our informant guessed to be from an Asian film festival. [EaterWire Inbox]

BAJA FRESH: None other than Usher snapping up some fajitas at the locat, ion on Lindbrook Avenue in Westwood. [Defamer]