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EaterWire: Meltdown Opens This Week, Cheese Store of Silver Lake Reopened, Zeke's for Breakfast, and MORE

CULVER CITY: Oh cheesy goodness, how we all love thee. Official word from the folks behind the grilled cheese restaurant Meltdown etc. has come in: Opening day is this Wednesday, May 9. Breakfast, lunch and dinner sammies abound. [EaterWire inbox]

SILVER LAKE: Due to technical difficulties, we couldn't get this note up before the weekend: "Love the place but the Cheese Store of Silver Lake was shut down for "vermin habitation" or some such. Makes sense to me since I have seen so may Tom & Jerry cartoons. I bet the construction next door for the swanky coffee place caused it." It was shuttered for a few days, but everything seems to be in place. The Cheese Store is back open for business today. [EaterWire Inbox]

DOWNTOWN: Last week we asked if anyone knew about Tranquility Base opening in the Sky Project on Grand Ave. The Downtown News dished about restaurateur David Tardif's new spot a few months ago: 3,166-square foot space, borrows from all things lunar, decor changes with the seasons, patio with fire pits, full moon festivals, etc. [Downtown News]

MONTROSE: From barbecue to breakfast: Zeke's Smokehouse opened for weekend breakfast about two months ago (only the Montrose location). Biscuits and gravy, house-smoked ham and eggs, omelets, and sugary donut holes among items on the menu. We stopped by this weekend and it wasn't as popular as the Black Cow next door, but it was tasty. And no wait. [EaterWire]