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Eater StarWatch Special Edition: Where Was Ty Pennington Before His DUI?

We could've saved this for Thursday, official StarWatch day at Eater HQ, but it's a little too juicy to keep to ourselves. News that some star/starlet/celebutante/carpenter getting a DUI normally wouldn't be worthy of our eyeballs. Who cares. But because Extreme Makeover: Home Edition's Ty Pennington got a little too tipsy and was busted by the West LA police this weekend, we took note. No, we don't idolize the man who gives some 20-kid parentless brood a new home every Sunday (although that's very nice). We did, however, see Ty on the patio at Beechwood for a good couple of hours Friday night, mere hours before he was stopped. We're not sure if or what he was drinking, but he was there when we left, which was around 11ish. He was with a couple of very stylish, Venicey women. At one point we heard a glass crash to the ground. The group was definitely having fun.
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