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BREAKING: Osteria Mozza Opens First Week of July

HOLLYWOOD/HANCOCK PARK: We just recieved word that the larger, more refined sister to Pizzeria Mozza will finally open the first week of July. Last week when we ran into GM David Rosoff, he mentioned that Osteria is coming in July, but no specifics. A message just hit our inbox that Osteria Mozza is slated to open the week of July 7, heard directly from Nancy Silverton herself. Independence Day lands on a Wednesday this year, so that whole week will be a bust for restaurants, and it's just like Batali to debut a new baby around a holiday (Pizzeria Mozza opened a week before Thanksgiving). We assume the tactic lets the restaurant and staff ease their way into existence. We're not sure if Saturday July 7 is the official debut, or a few days before, but mark the calendars now. If you thought reservations for the pizzeria were difficult to get, puh. lease.
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