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Restaurant Owners Swallowed by City Hall Red Tape

In his Points West column yesterday, Steve Lopez helps explain why so many restaurants don't open on time: red. freakin. tape. The beaurocratic bullshit the city makes restaurateurs go through eats up money and time, putting the owners at a disadvantage from the get go. An Eater reader brings the point home for the ongoing delays in Eagle Rock:

Larkin's problems with Eagle Rock are endemic to Eagle Rock. The health and building and fire inspectors have it out for EVERY restaurant wanting to open in that area. I know first hand of some of the problems Andre Guerrero had in getting the Oinkster open, as well as his now having to wait FOREVER for someone to sign off on his beer and wine license. Michelangelo's Pizza across the street from the Oinkster has taken over two years to open due to the inspections nonsense. Likewise, a taco place has taken waaaaay too long to get it together. Someone(s) should get with [city representatives] to find out what is going on and how things can be improved, yet no one will since their projects are still mid-stream and they thus do not want to jeopardize their own project for the sake of everyone.
We just heard that the Oinkster did finally get a beer and wine license, which is good news. Larkin's is still waiting final inspections, but they've been ready to open since January. An important point comes from Lopez: "You'd think the city would bend over backward to help well-meaning entrepreneurs open their doors and kick their fair share into the municipal treasury." Indeed.
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