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EaterWire Shutter Edition: Hugo's DOH'd, Forcing Out the Rose Tree Cottage, Scampi Now Aum Deli Cafe

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Eyes on the street sends Department of Health news about Hugo's today: "I walked by Hugo's last's closed due to cockroach infestation. I wanted to take a picture of the Health Department notice.....but whatI assume to be restaurant mgmt were going in and out." We just called and were told that the restaurant is closed for "kitchen maintenance" but will probably open tomorrow, but "call first." [EaterWire Inbox]

PASADENA: News from the 'Dena: "Rumor has it that Rose Tree Cottage (known for their afternoon tea & British gift shop) will also be closing soon." The Cottage website says an 80-unit condo wants to take root in that very spot. Much like Larchmont's residents rallying behind La Luna Ristorante, owners are asking RTC fans to contact the politicians. [EaterWire Inbox]

PASADENA: To answer a reader's question... Scampi was an easy restaurant to overlook, it being so hidden next to the Ice House comedy club. We swear it was still open, signage and all, the last time we parked nearby for sushi. Apparently not: "Although not listed on your deathwatch list...Zagat lists Scampi Restaurant in Pasadena as being closed. I tried to find some info online, butdidn't find anything to confirm/deny." The Scampi website is still up, but a call just placed reveals that the Scampi closed last June, but the signs came down in November. The new restaurant is Aum Deli Cafe. No idea what it is, though. [EaterWire Inbox]