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Charcoal Starves Partygoers, Opens Tonight

Michael Sutton and Adolfo Suaya's new Charcoal had a big opening soiree in Hollywood last night. We were in the hood but didn't dare attempt schmoozing the ominous door guy holding the clip board---but it looks like someone from LAist made it in. The party was packed, the alkiehol a-flowin', and still, the blogger has no idea what kind of restaurant Charcoal is.

Squeezing through the sooper-packed mega-wattage Holly-would-do-anything-for-a-photo-op-yes-I’m-an-actor-slash-musician crowd, I found some people willing to acknowledge my existence, and was promptly informed that the kitchen had completely run out of EVERYTHING edible.
Except bacon. Somehow the staff found strips of bacon (a la The Lodge's bar snacks, we presume) to feed those hungry enough to fight for it. If there's one thing to remember about this town, it's that even for a restaurant opening, the Hollywood parties aren't thrown to feed anyone or anything...except egos. Hopefully they have food tonight: Charcoal opens for business at 6pm. (Corner of Ivar and Sunset; 323.465.8500)
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