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Sunset Beach "Regrouping," MX Coming This Fall

Last night we noticed this sign at Sunset Beach, the lavish sail-fronted resto-lounge that took over Dublin's last fall. Eater LA was still in its infancy then, but we reported on the shaky beginnings: Sunset Beach opened, then closed "for private events only," then reopened, then closed again "for private events only," supposedly its current state. From the signage, we see that Steve Marlton is now involved, owner of Pearl on Robertson Boulevard. Facts are sketchy (officially, they want to wait for new PR to get the word out; unofficially, the previous owners went through at least three PR firms in its short life span), but from what we gather, the entire concept is getting overhauled, from the interior to the management to the menu, and all should shake out by June or July. The name will remain.

Now about Pearl. It's currently being turned into into MX, an Asian-Latin fusion restaurant and lounge. Marlton's partner in that project is Douglas Wickard, who gave us some info about MX a few weeks ago (sorry we lagged on dishing to you, dear readers). He said that he and the chef traveled through Mexico for menu ideas and are toying with things like blue fin tuna tartar, served with Japanese guacamole, yam chips and pickled ginger, or roasted sweet corn and garlic soup with Dungenous crab. MX should open this fall. More on MX here, and on another Marlton project---Sugar, which just opened---here.
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