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Plywood Special Report: Crudo Takes Over Norman's

WEST HOLLYWOOD: We snapped this picture of the shuttered Norman's restaurant while driving up Sunset Blvd. one sunny April afternoon. Note the "leased" sign, which we thought was for the new H&M retailer taking up digs in the plaza. Alas, we got a note from not one but two readers about a new restaurant going into the Norman's space. One even named names: "I haven't had a chance to get a picture yet, but there are signs in the window that say Crudo coming soon. I think the space next to it (between Caffe Primo and Normans) will be H&M as they've put huge walls up around that section of the building."

Another reader suggests this is a death location for restaurants. True, Central, Rika, and Norman's all closed, but Caffee Primo---now that it moved to the front---and Ketchup seem to be doing well. With H&M moving in, the much-needed foot traffic that the other shops couldn't attract will suddenly appear. And maybe the Sunset Millennium people will finally figure out a better parking system, because the valet in front/walk down escalator to garage to pick up seems to keep some people away, especially for $8 or so. We know nothing about Crudo, except that there's no liquor license application for a restaurant by that name at that address (yet). Why don't we figure this one out together, whaddaya say?

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