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EaterWire: Tusk Replaces Sopra, Ritual Replaces White Lotus, Changes at Eleven? and MORE

WEST HOLLYWOOD: In March we put Sopra on the Deathwatch, but it was already past the watching phase: The restaurant was sold to something called Tusk Enterprises. At the time, we called the restaurant and (apparently) broke the news to an unsuspecting employee, and the owners pretended everything was fine. In essence, it was a mess. So it came as no surprise to get the above photos in the Eater inbox showing that Tusk will replace it soon. We also got a few emails about the change, with our favorite: "Is it unfair to put a restaurant on deathwatch before it even opens? Hopefully they're not moving into the space where restaurants go to die." Seriously. Wouldn't you check on previous businesses before you open your own in the same spot? The name speaks nothing of food to us, but we do hear the faint drumming of Fleetwood Mac in the background. [EaterWire Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: Both UrbanDaddy and Thrillist say that Ritual finally opens tomorrow. The pan-Asian-Zen spot is the reincarnated White Lotus; no idea if the owners can find that same must-go-now hotness the former had. Things might have a shaky start: We hear that Chris Breed, one of the major players behind that management group's venues (Cabana Club, Pig'n Whistle, White Lotus), might be saying sayonara. Huge since he's been on the scene way back when Cabana Club/Sterling/Sideways was the Sunset Room, but then again, maybe it's time. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: This is still unconfirmed, but we heard a little whisper that some changes are also afoot for Eleven, the mega-restaurant-nightclub that opened in Febrauary. Sid Krofft might be bowing out, and the concept tweaked a bit for the venue. No more men in tights circling overhead at 11pm? [EaterWire]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: After we broke the news that Nonna will open in the former Joss space, with Scott Zacky as an owner and Paolo Giovani as chef, we received some corrections: "NONNA is Chef/owner Paolo Giovani's new restaurant. Scott Zacky is a financial backer. Paolo was not at Il Sole for awhile, Paolo Giovani is the much loved and respected chef who opened Il Sole and owned it for many years, back when it was a great restaurant. His fans have been waiting for him to come back to West Hollywood. Those food and wine lovers are all really happy to know he is returning to the area." We're sure they are. Nonna is still a couple weeks out. [EaterWire Inbox]

EAGLE ROCK: That contemporary-soul-food-joint-that-could, Larkin's, sent a note that they're back on track for an opening. Still no specific dates, but they've made it past the final hurdles with the city. They opened for private dinners this past weekend, and hopefully will continue that until the grand grand opening. [EaterWire Inbox]