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Hell's Kitchen Week 2: Bonnie Plays the Girl Card, Red Herrings Galore

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Oh, Bonnie, Bonnie, Bonnie. The local Hell's Kitchen contestant survived week two, but not without calling a lot of attention to herself and not in the best ways. Gordo calls her a "dumb blonde" and a "Barbie" because she made mistakes in the kitchen, and the boys were all flustered when she walks around the apartment in her skivvies. What was that about anyway? Bonnie wasn't the only one, but she either (1) thought she'd use her wily female ways to distract the competition, (2) needed to boost her confidence, or (3) is a natural exhibitionist.We're sure the fems will chide us for this, but, Bonnie, work with what you got. It's FOX after all. Who knows if that little stroll will help her in the competition, but maybe it's what really "distracted" Eddie before he was booted off the show. Two down, eight to go (not counting Aaron because he's such a sniveling waste). Here's more from Bonnie on the fishing trip, Aaron, and the girls on the HK3 blog.

In more HK3 news, someone drops a hint on the show's message board (now removed) that contestant Brad is somehow connected to Gordon Ramsay: "I smell a rat in this program. If you do a little research you will find that Brad works for a resort that has a sister property in LA whose restaurant is run my Chef Gordon Ramsey. I wonder who will win???" This person is only partially correct. According to this Arizona Republic article, Brad works for Latilla in the Boulders Resort in Scottsdale. Boulders is owned by LXR Resorts, which owns the London Hotel in NYC, where Ramsay opened a restaurant last year. (LXR also owns the London West Hollywood, taking over the former Bel-Age, where Ramsay will open a restaurant in early 2008.) So Brad is like five-times removed from Ramsay, but it does faintly reek of the minor Top Chef controversy that contestant Ilan Hall once worked in host-chef Tom Colicchio's restaurant, Craft. And Hall did win TC2...
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