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Frozen Yogurt Wars Part XII: Yogurtberry Moves into FroYo Vortex, Pinkberry Officially Just "Chilly Bliss"

(1) West Hollywood was the birthplace (well, depends on who you ask) of Pinkberry, so there's little wonder that the nabe is attracting a froyo onslaught of its own. We've been inundated about Yogurtberry opening in the old Perfect Beat space on Santa Monica Blvd.: "It's a stone's throw from the Yogurtpia that just opened on the corner of San Vicente and SMB, which is just a couple of blocks down from Angelina's, which of course faces the original Pinkberrry. Us gays will have no shortage of frozen yogurt this summer. Hooray!" From reader Hilary's Flickr page (thanks for the snap), the welcome isn't as enthusiastic: "Stop! Stop! Stop!" The froyo ebbs and flows and oozes.

(2) This was reported on before, but there's yet another article about Pinkberry's legal woes, this time in the Daily Journal, via LA Observed. Here we learn that Pinkberry is just now working with a dairy science expert to create a new powder mix that allows them to legally call their "chilly bliss" dessert 'yogurt'. Too little too late?
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