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The Dish: Larkin's Official Soft Opening, Qusqo Bistro & Gallery, Ritual Debuts Tonight

After death (The Shutter), there is life: Here we are at The Dish, the latest news on openings around town. Stumble upon a debut? Call. We'll talk.

EAGLE ROCK: After waiting and waiting and waiting and tasting and waiting some more, the day has arrived---Larkin's is finally open for business, at least softly. (Pictured above, in its unofficial soft opening phase). The official message came in yesterday: "We are having our soft opening this weekend. We will be serving dinner this Thursday-Saturday from 5pm-9:30pm, and Fathers Day Brunch from 11am-3pm. We will not be serving lunch until next week." Even better, it's BYOB until the liquor license comes through, which could take another forever. Here's an exhaustive review from LAist. [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST LA: Zagat says Qusqo (pronounced coos-koh) "looks more like an art gallery than a restaurant," but that's because it is an art gallery. But it's also a Peruvian/Latin-inspired restaurant that just opened on June 1. On the restaurant's MySpace page, 'qusqo' is said to mean "the naval of the world, the?" but it gets cut off. [Zagat]

HOLLYWOOD: We've been invited to Ritual's grand opening tonight, which we imagine will be quite the Hollywood clusterfuck. After we mentioned that co-owner Chris Breed has already departed, suggesting there's a rocky beginning for the reincarnated White Lotus, a reader says: "It's been open for private events, they had an after party there yesterday for You Kill Me with Luke Wilson and Tea Leoni...the buzz seemed positive but then again it could've been that they were just excited to see some famous people." People are still fazed by famous people? Whoddathunk? [EaterWire Inbox]