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Eater StarWatch: Sally Field, Josie, and Truffle Fries

Even die-hard Angelenos, the kind that tell their visiting friends and family to play it cool if they run across any A-thru-D-lister in public, have an inner starfucker deep inside them. Is there any better flattery than ordering exactly what Sally Field orders when she's dining at Josie on the same night? We think not. OK, maybe it's a little creepy. From the Special StarWatch Files, we have Chronicles of a Stalker. Read on?

The Scene: Josie Restaurant, Santa Monica
Time: Wednesday, June 13, 8pm

Just as my Hendrik’s negroni arrived at the table, I turned my head to witness no other than Ms. Sally Field arriving with Patricia and Ken from Brothers and Sisters [ed. note: Patricia Wettig, who plays Holly on the show, and her husband and exec producer, Ken Olin], her son, and a couple of other lucky diners. I gasped. Actually, it was more of a shriek?a gay icon in my presence. We immediately summoned the server and informed her that I would need to enjoy the exact same meal as Ms. Field, as she was enjoying it. If, by some chance, our menus happen to diverge, all of the guests at the table were to be served the item in the center of the table.
Although the service at Josie is exquisite and professional, they managed to somehow keep us at arm’s length from the super star, and didn’t actually allow us any insight into the conversation at the star table. We did notice that Ms. Field had enjoyed a glass of white wine at the bar, which I immediately ordered: a delightful California Chardonnay served from the very bottle that she had only just enjoyed. We kept the bottle on the table throughout the meal as a mini shrine to the Oscar winner and star of Steel Magnolias – the all-time gay movie classic. She also noshed on an appetizer of quail wrapped in bacon, which happened to be the first course that I was just about to order. Coincidence? In think not!! The quail was extraordinary – made even more delicious by the knowledge that my movie/television idol had just enjoyed the same dish.

Between courses, a large bowl of truffle fries came to our table. It is doubtful that Ms. Field, svelte and gorgeous, was actually enjoying French fries, but we fantasized that she might have sent them to us. As we enjoyed our entrees (mine: rack of lamb – extraordinary!), we spied Ms. Field dining on chicken. Okay, so we can make chicken at home. We simply closed our eyes and imagined her enjoyment of the perfect chicken entrée. As we left the dining room, we meandered close enough to alleviate any concern for Ms. Field’s osteoporosis, which had previously led us to light many a church candle. She looks FANTASTIC! We inquired at the valet stand about her car, but to our chagrin the valet had no idea who or what we were talking about. We immediately flipped open our cell phones and began to call everyone on speed dial with the happy news: It was my birthday and quite possibly the best birthday gift that Josie could have given! Thanks, Sally. We do love you. We really, really do!!

The staff had the good sense to keep said stalker away from Ms. Field's table, which could've amounted to a gaytastic schmoozefest over truffle fries and whether her TV son (Kevin, played by Matthew Rhys) will ever find love.

Image courtesy ABC/Brothers & Sisters