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Reservation Roulette: Still Mid-Day Mozza or Nothing

Last month, rumors swirled that getting a table at Pizzeria Mozza isn't as hard as we all thought. Variety's Stylephile found out that the high-demand window of 7pm to 9pm was being passed over by customers who assumed they couldn't get a table during peak times. So going during the week around 7pm could actually reap rewards. But who's on crack here? Us? That hostess? We know the restaurant is booked solid two weeks out, but we tried to get a res for tomorrow. Ain't gonna happen.

Eater: I know this sounds crazy, but what are the chances of a table for dinner on Thursday?
Mozza: Tomorrow?
Eater: Yes.
Mozza: 4pm or 11pm is all I have.
Eater: I figured.
Mozza: I have something open for lunch. Any time between 3pm and 4pm.
Eater: So basically, 4pm is it either way.
Mozza: Pretty much.
Eater: We heard that 7pm is actually a good time to try for a table now. No?
Mozza: [laughter]
Eater: How busy is the bar these days around 5pm?
Mozza: You can try. Just come in.
Mozza: Or I have something open at 6pm next Tuesday?
Eater: Um, yeah. That's OK.
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